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Coping with STRESS!

No doubt about it these are times filled with Stress with a capital S.  To be honest we all live with a baseline level of stress with the daily issues of dealing with food allergies. 

Combine that with coping with the COVID-19 it can feel overwhelming at times.   This is a perfect time to talk about what are some of the ways we can reduce our stress and add more joy to our lives.

Acknowledge this is a stressful time:

There is no way around it.  The situation is stressful and we need to honor those feelings.  We can share them, write them down or see my blog on the 5 Tissue Rule.  Once, we have acknowledged this major stressor then we need to take steps for ourselves and our loved ones to work towards a better state of being.

Eat Well & Sleep: Make sure you are eating nutritious meals and getting the sleep you need.  Try and gear down about an hour before bedtime.  Low lights, no media and do something relaxing like reading, puzzles, crafting or listening to music.  

Media Exposure: Limit media exposure to a few go to trusted sources. Keep informed but try to keep a time limit on how many articles, videos and posts you are reading about the same topic.  Bookmark a few sites that will brighten your day and take your mind off your worries for a little while.  We need to take care of our mind as well as our body for optimal health and well-being.  Post your personal favorites in the comments!

Be Prepared: Make sure you have what you need for your household to be prepared.  You can read our shopping checklist and links to get you on your way.  The key is to be prepared not panic.

The Lighthouse: A light house has a cone of illumination it casts in a specific area.  Our minds work the same way.  What we focus or expose ourselves to becomes highlighted not only in our mind but our bodies as well.  During these times, we need to make sure that we are not stuck in a negative cycle or panic mode.  If you are spinning in a negative space try to make to make a conscience shift to shine your light in a better place.   Writing down a few items that will be quick pick me ups such as great memories, beautiful places and best of all something you have planned that you are looking forward to doing.

Hobbies: Have activities ready to go that you enjoy or would like to learn.  Do you have a hobby you love or one you would like to learn?  Now is the perfect time.  Personally, I love coloring, logic puzzles and of course cooking! 

Get Moving: Exercise has benefits all around.  Walking, jogging, dancing to music, yoga and more.  There are many instructional videos online to learn all different forms of exercise.

Stay Connected: If you are in a situation of being more isolated at this time make sure to reach out by phone, Skype, email and other forms of communication to stay connected to those you love.  This very important to our emotional well-being now and in the days ahead.  Spaces such as Food Allergy Wizards Corona Community are great to gather and receive positive support.

Structure: Having some structure to your day will help add predictability during this unpredictable time. It can be meal times, educational work/learning blocks, check ins with friends or family or fun activity time.  

Breathe: Yes, it really does work.  Did you know it is one of the key techniques that they teach The Navy Seals to quickly reduce their stress levels called box breathing?  Exhale all the air out of your lungs.  Take in a slow deep breathe through your nose for the count of 4 seconds and then hold for 4 seconds. Don’t tense up during the hold.  Then slowly exhale through your nose for the count of 4 and hold for 4 more seconds. Repeat done 4 times over will create a huge shift in your body.   Tip: Place your hand on your belly, when you breathe in your stomach should inflate like a balloon and when you exhale your tummy should lower/ deflate like a balloon.

Please post what you do to relieve stress and what makes you smile!

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