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Food Allergies & Celebrating Easter During COVID-19

Celebrating Easter and Spring this year can be filled with fun and delicious food. 

Yes, we have all had to make adjustments, such as staying at home and working with what we have on hand or can order online in most cases. When purchasing seasonal holiday items please double check the labels as ingredients and manufacturing facilities may change.  Cooking at home will provide you with more control over the food and environment to help ease your allergen worries.  If you need any ideas or tips feel free to reach out to me

A combination of dealing with food allergies and COVID-19 can feel overwhelming at times.  It is ok, I have had a few 5 tissue moments myself.  Moving towards spring and Easter I believe having a can-do attitude combined with some preparation will set you up for success.  I have put together some fun ideas to share with you!

  • Lets start with my #1 favorite candy recipe!  My all-time favorite candy growing up was peanut butter cups!  I have created a top 9 allergen free version called Chocolate Funbutter Eggs.  You can use whatever peanut butter substitute works for you such as Sunbutter. They also freeze amazingly well if you have any left over!  You can find the recipe in our blog or by clicking here
  • Decorating Eggs:  If you don’t have eggs or can’t have eggs to decorate consider these options:
    • Plastic Eggs filled with stickers, notes or safe candies. You can also fill them with allergy friendly playdough.  Click here for the recipe.
    • Cut out egg shapes from cardboard, construction paper and decorate with glitter, makers, pomp oms and whatever you have on hand.
  • Set up a Scavenger Hunt inside and/or outside.  If you have younger children make sure the objects you choose to hide are bigger and within reach.  Hint: painted rocks can be an art project and the hidden objects for the scavenger hunt.  For older children you can make it more challenging by providing clues to find harder to find items. 
  • Fingerprint bunnies and chicks are super easy and fun!
  • Cupcake Liner Flowers: So pretty!
  • Call, Zoom, Skype and connect with friends and family.  It is a perfect time to connect and share in the fun of the day. 
  • If you know of someone who is older or by themselves, consider leaving a note with some decorations to brighten their day.
  • You can still dress up even if you are at home!
  •  Set your table for the day.  You can set the table the night before to wake up to a   festive setting.
  • Try a 3 leg race or hop, set up an obstacle course,  play simon says or freeze dance to great music.  Get moving and laugh!
  • Cook together for a fun brunch, lunch or dinner.  If you are by yourself consider connecting on the internet and cook along with your friends/family and have a virtual meal together.
  • Our sheet pancake and oven baked bacon are perfect for brunch.  You can add in chocolate chips, sprinkles, blueberries the sky is the limit with the pancakes!

Look for the areas to create fun and positive memories.  By the way, the Easter Bunny is considered an essential worker !

Enjoy your weekend and please share your comments and photos of how you are creating magical moments! 

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