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Hidden Sources of Food Allergens

It can be overwhelming to manage our food allergies in relation to our food but we must also be vigilant about hidden sources of food allergens in non-food products. 

As I sat down to write this post, I realized there were so many areas in and outside our homes where we need to be aware of possible allergens.

Just a few examples are: over the counter medications, supplements, vitamins, prescription medications, cleaning products, pet products, body products and crafts.

Combine that with all the different chemical names and derivatives and you can be left feeling at a loss as to where to even begin.

Safety is the most important but at times you can feel like you need multiple advanced degrees or a decoder ring to decipher the labels on all the products we have in our homes!

Just sitting on my bathroom floor surrounded by my products I was having flashbacks of crying in the grocery store aisles a while back.  I was searching for a safe shampoo and conditioner and after 30 minutes of looking up ingredients on my phone and putting item after item back on the shelf with an empty grocery basket I broke done in tears in frustration.  

I realized I needed a better system and a different approach. I went home and created a list of the essential products I needed to start and end my day.  I began an online search to find products that would be safe for my allergies with a mindset of a lead investigator and failure was not an option!

After many hours of research but no tears, I finally had a list of the essential products I would need for my shower and beauty routine.  I felt like placing a gold star on top of my printed list of products.   Most of the items I was able to order online if they were not stocked in my local stores.

I am sure many of you can relate and I want to make your life safer and easier.  Especially at this time, it is so important to have products you know are safe.   This is a good time to use templates to review your potential products and services to make sure they are allergen friendly for your household.  I am creating a valuable resource to assist you in finding and dealing with hidden allergens that are found in so many areas of our lives. I will keep you updated when it is released!

In this post, I will highlight the bathroom and essential tips to being well prepared for your morning and evening routines.

Set yourself up for success:

Make sure you have at least an hour or more to approach this task.  Take a look at the link below for an app that will speed up the process of finding safe products.  Have your computer, pen and paper and an investigator mindset! 

Your Bathroom:

  1. Line up all the products you use in your shower or bath.  Take one at time and read the ingredient list.  You can use the app in the link below to look up a product or an unfamiliar ingredient name.  You can also search the internet for any key ingredients.  Make a note of the key ingredients you are allergic to which will speed up the scanning on the next products you review.
  2. You can enlist another person to help you in this process.  One person reads off the ingredients and the other one looks at the list you have made or scans the list with one of the apps located in the links below. 
  3. Anything that is not safe, you can throw it away or mark it with a waterproof marker/ tape and put in a separate area from your safe products.
  4. Record all the products that are safe for you with the name, manufacturer, type and any other detailed info you would need to purchase it online or in a store.
  5. Place your order or pick up your safe items.  Be sure to check the ingredient labels each time to make sure there are no changes that may affect your allergen requirements. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer directly. 
  6. Set reminders to re-order when you are running low on your items.  During this time of COVID-19, plan for potential shipping or supply chain delays.
  7. Give yourself a gold star!  Walking into your bathroom should feel like a stress free experience. A great way to start and wind down your day.

If you share a bathroom, store your allergy safe products separately to prevent cross contamination.  For example, place your toothbrush in a different container and if using different soaps use a different wash cloth or loofah for each person.

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Have a Magical Day!


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