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Kitchen Supply Corona Checklist

We are all spending more time inside and cooking.  As food allergy individuals, we have been keeping a close eye on the food we buy, cook and eat as part of our daily lives.  We are now facing issues with food supply and anxiety. 

I have created this kitchen supply list that I use for my family and helps streamline the entire store to table process of preparing meals.  I find this helps provide an element of certainty during these uncertain times. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via Summon a Wizard.

Click Here to download the checklist in PDF.

Kitchen Supply Checklist:

  • Stock as many of your essential basics for your allergen needs and have an extra as back up if you can. 
  • Put reminders on your calendar to order more of your essential items anticipating potential delays. 
  • Purchase allergen friendly items in bulk. Reach out to your fellow allergy individuals to purchase bulk items together. 
  • Rotating your items in the refrigerator and pantry.  If you purchase more canned beans, pull the ones you have in your pantry to the front and load your new ones behind them.
  • Use your fresh foods first as they will expire first.
  • Label leftovers with the name of the item and date cooked.
  • Create your own frozen foods to make them last longer. If you have extra fruits, veggies, proteins, butter and milk alternatives put them in the freezer clearly labeled. Make sure you place your fresh items in an airtight bag or container for your freezer before they start to get old.
  • Create a menu/plan including snacks drinks.  This will enable you to know exactly what ingredients you will need for the week.  It also creates an element of certainty in uncertain times. 
  • Indulgences sprinkled into your menu are a good idea.  Plan for them rather than having a binge moment and you are left no treats.  We have all been there!
  • Sweet and treats can be broken up in whatever portions you deem appropriate.  Then store them away and out of site to avoid temptation and make them last longer.

This is a time we need to be as vigilant with our food allergies and reduce potential cross-contamination issues.  Create a system of cleaning, preparation and storage that you can go to each time to create a true safe zone in your kitchen. 

Consider batch cooking to streamline your menu planning and cooking.  You can learn more about batch cooking for a full 21 week of meals free of the top 9 allergens by downloading our free Spellbook.


Corona Shopping List

Handwashing and Cleaning

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