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Update On The FDA Temporary Label Change Policy for Food Manufacturers

This is an update on the FDA temporary label change policy for food manufacturers due to COVID-19.

So much is changing at this time all over the world and it can be overwhelming.  This loss of certainty around what products are now truly safe for those of us with food allergies creates another layer of anxiety and frustration.  FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education) has been doing an amazing job of championing for our community.  It is vital that we make our voices heard. Every voice counts!

You can go directly to the FARE website and read their latest updates.  At the bottom of the page, you can click on Contact the FDA directly and reach out through social media buttons:

Spokin has posted a list of manufacturers that have taken a pledge to verify their labels and ingredients in regards to allergens in the midst of the FDA temporary policy change. Check out the list to see which manufacturers you may use are on the list:

As always, please read the labels and I would encourage you to call the manufacturer directly if you have any questions or concerns to keep you and your loved ones safe. 

Things to keep in mind:

  • Have a pen a paper ready to write down the information
  • Have the product packaging at hand with the item name, flavor, size, barcode, sell by date and ingredient label. 
  • Be clear and calm in your communication.
  • Identify your allergens and also make them aware if cross-contamination is an issue if the allergen is present in the manufacturing plant or raw ingredients.
  • In addition to your phone call you can request they send you an email so you have all the information you discussed in writing.
  • If you are unsure or the company is not able to answer your concerns then err on the safe side and choose another product. 
  • If you belong to an online community post what product you are looking for or possible replacements.  The food allergy community is a great resource.
  • Mark or label your product that you have checked and is safe for the allergens you are avoiding.
  •  If you have a mixed items of those that have allergens and those that do not make sure to have a system everyone is aware of in your household. Place the  safe allergy items in a box, on a separate shelf or area in the kitchen (be careful of cross-contamination) to make sure it is clear where the safe items are located. Labels are your friend!

Using simple ingredients for recipes is always a good idea but is a key strategy right now.  Unprocessed single ingredients not only limits potential allergy exposures it also yields great tasting dishes. 

You can find recipes and great resource articles on my blog.  I have my Spellbook of 21 Top 9 Free Dishes for a weeks’ worth of meals that is free and you can download it now!

Let me know if you need any help coming up with recipes, sourcing ingredients or need guidance navigating these tough times with food allergies.  I am happy to offer you the shortcuts, recipes and social support. 

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